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I love sweets, that’s a fact! I love beautiful things. Chocolate is my favorite. I’ve never imagined that I could use chocolate for decorations, but I discovered so many ways of using it. In time, the chocolate has told me almost all its secrets. It’s true, it’s more difficult to use it for decorating cakes because it’s fragile, but to me chocolate is chic, classy and it tells you so many stories. I’ve discovered that a black and white combination is better than one thousand words, and also than one thousand colors. I’ve worked in television, for more than ten years, maybe that’s why I’m obsessed with images. I hope you can see that in my pictures. I can see the world only as a painting J. Plus, I graduated a faculty of letters, so I’m obsessed with books. And now, with cooking books. I like Gaston Lenotre and his amazing follower Pierre Herme. Actually, I love them, and I’m still discovering them. My passion for cooking has blossomed after I gave birth to my kids. Cookie, cookie, cookie, all day long. And so, cookie has become the center of our little universe. Our cookie grew bigger and bigger just as in fairy tales. And here I am. I hope you’ll like my world. This is not a story about cakes, this is a story about life and passion.

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Den Haag


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Lavinia Cakes'n Buttons

Piet Heinstraat 103A


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